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It’s good to be surprised. Recently I was in the audience of a breakfast presentation. The presenter said in total seriousness, “Everyone loves PowerPoint, so I’ll be using it”.

Later on in the laborious, meandering presentation, the presenter displayed a text-heavy slide and actually read the entire text verbatim. He then said, “Now you know I can read”. This retort was meant as a joke.

Many of you would know that people don’t love PowerPoint. You know that PowerPoint is best used for displaying images, simple graphs/tables and clear infographics. If words are displayed, they should be limited to a few, brief bullet points.

PowerPoint slides shouldn’t be used for a lack of clarity on what is the key message of the presentation. It shouldn’t be used as a crutch for the presenter’s lack of delivery skill.

Your Call to Action/How to apply for this post: In the next seven days, take a fresh look at how you use PowerPoint. Aim to only use a slide if it will reinforce the key message of your presentation. Aim to use fresh images that support your messages. Omit needless slides. Have black slides between your content slides to better control the audience’s attention.

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