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‘I put every ounce of my being into every word I sing’.  I once heard an opera singer say this. What’s the significance of this statement for business people? Simply this: If opera singers can put that much effort into their singing – because they understand the value of that effort – business speakers should/can put more effort into their speaking. Now as a caveat – the effort might not include ‘every ounce of your being’. Rather, one, two or three notches up in effort.

Putting in this effort will help you gain and maintain the attention of people you speak to.

Here a ‘how to’. Add effort in your pronunciation of final consonants when you speak. For example, if you say the word ‘development’, notch up your effort in your pronunciation on the final ‘t’ sound so it sounds like ‘developmenT’. Keep your normal speaking speed when you do this. In addition, with this pronunciation of final consonants, don’t over-pronounce the final consonant, as with some words, you can turn into sounding like an Italian speaker. For example if you over pronounce the word ‘good’ it can sound like ‘gooDA’. 

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