Every meeting is an opportunity for self-branding

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Consider the following excerpt about the research of Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky from p. 143 of Deviate by Beau Lotto:

‘This area of research is “enclothed cognition” and shows that not only do others project expectation onto us according to what we wear, but we ourselves project similar expectations that directly influence our perceptions and behaviour…

. . . priming refers to one stimulus influencing behaviour and perception when confronted with a subsequent stimulus . . . 

So not only do we “brand” ourselves for others and condition how they treat us by what we wear,

we are also engaging in potent self-branding.’

I share this passage to highlight this point.

That you may not be fully aware of the brand you’re portraying through your clothes and physical presentation of yourself in face to face and virtual meetings – as well as the brand you’re portraying through your video set up in virtual meetings.

Related to brand here’s a comment from recent post. ‘Good video set up is the new business suit’.

Own the Conversation

Over the next seven days reflect on:

  • What self-branding you are engaging in through your virtual communication.
  • What self-branding others are engaging in through their virtual communication.

After that reflection, aim to make one change to upgrade your virtual and/or face to face communication.

p.s. Here’s a quotation that’s been resonating with my clients:

Every time you speak you’re auditioning for leadership.

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