What is environment and why is it important in becoming a master communicator?

Environment refers to the particular setting of a communication event.

Master communicators have well developed and schemas (patterns of thought that organise experience) they can readily apply to the environment they are in, to ‘own’ the environment.

Master your "environment" with this collection of articles.

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How to network without feeling dirty
Better understand your team by using these questions
Are you a leader or a manager?
When under pressure, are you brilliant at the basics?
Confident, composed, clear & convincing. My analysis of RBA Governor’s 1st press conference
Get promoted more quickly, by solving problems
How best to answer questions in a job interview?
Did you believe the messenger? My analysis of the Optus CEO’s response to the outage
The secret to projecting power and influence
How to interject in a meeting
Do you have what it takes to be an enterprise leader?
Conquer fear when presenting
Use AI to create a hook for your presentation
Learn from Morgan Freeman’s gravitas
Do you sound under-educated?
Learn from the magnetism of former U.S. president Bill Clinton
Here’s how to feel more comfortable with small talk
A better alternative for “Thanks for having me”
Don’t make this mistake at the start of your job interview
What separates experts from amateurs
How to approach the job market with confidence
Want an engaging conversation? Make sure to ask these two questions
Always tell your audience how long you’ll be speaking for – and stick to it!
Q&A is not the time to make a speech
Ask this question after every senior exec meeting
How to confidently ask a senior exec for help
How to stop ending your speaking turn, with “Yeah”
Analysis of Optus CEO’s response to cyber attack
Eckhart Tolle’s secret for speaking without fear
Measured, believable speaking from Union Leader Alex Claassens
Where fear gets its power
Why talent is overrated
Do you ask enough questions?
Compulsory reading for Start-ups
Anthony Albanese – How stumbling when you speak undermines your message
Stop Press! New ‘Behind the Voice’ YouTube channel launch
How to sustain your competitive advantage
Give your audience a reason to listen
Does your culture foster inquiry or punishment?
Do you have a policy for hybrid meetings?
Performance contributes only 10% to career growth
Remembering Colin Powell
When should you schedule a face to face, versus a virtual meeting?
When you open Q&A – never use this question
Canadian PM Justin TRUDEAU on how to HANDLE a QUESTION
Why we’re still NOT listening to Anthony Albanese
LeBron James & Kobe Bryant’s Coach on Winning a Pitch
How Gen. Colin POWELL projects CERTAINTY when he communicates
My simple process to AVOID being INTERRUPTED
HOW a DOCTOR’S, exam prep TIPS can HELP you
The DANGER of PREconceived NOTIONS
Do you HAVE a FEAR of being INTERRUPTED?
WHAT is Your BODY Language SAYING about YOU?
CAN you HELP? My One, BIG Beautiful QUESTION
HOW to INTRODUCE Yourself – the RIGHT Way
FOUR minutes = a FULL Day
VIDEO: Communication TIPs when WEARING a face MASK
Five SURE FIRE ways to UP your LISTENING Game
The DANGER of NO Face-to-FACE meetings
EVERY TIME you SPEAK, you’re AUDITIONING for leadership
HOW to DEAL with an AGGRESSIVE audience member – OBAMA masterclass
Job INTERVIEW? Do you KNOW how to NAIL the CRUCIAL first 7 minutes
Do you HAVE a PLAYBOOK for video office SET-UP and VIRTUAL communication?
HOW does Joe BIDEN come ACROSS in person? – first person EXPERIENCE
ARE you FACING up to DIGITAL communication?
WHY being ASSERTIVE in VIDEO meetings, PAYS-off
HOW to correctly STRUCTURE your spoken MESSAGES
Guide for WHEN to do FACE to Face vs VIDEO meetings
FIX your VIDEO conference ‘look’ – NOW
VIDEO conference communication MASTERY – 2 minute SERIES
Will the handshake SURVIVE?
GET more speaking IMPACT with this DRILL
REQUIRED reading for LEADERS – E. Shackleton’s LESSONS
Be more ARTICULATE with this SPEAK under Pressure DRILL
5 PROVEN tips for PRESENTING to your BOARD
How to choose WORDS & SYNTAX for a POWERFUL Message
DON’T walk away – LEADERSHIP communication when ATTACKED
TIP for ‘NEW to Australia’, NON-English EXECUTIVES
ASK for HELP with this TESTED technique
Create QUESTIONS to enliven your CURIOUSITY
What MAKES for a TOP executive COMMUNICATOR
STOP Press: NEW Video – PLAN and DELIVER memorable presentations
You’re JUDGED on the QUALITY of your QUESTIONS
LEARN from the IDEAL Orator – CICERO
‘MIRACLE on the Hudson’ SULLY’S daily deposit LESSON
TIP-of-the-TONGUE & how to HANDLE it
T. Friedman of NYT shows HOW to ‘OWN’ SPACE
RUSHING is junior – ‘OWNING’ time … is senior
D. TRUMP & H. CLINTON debate analysis RE-VISITED
PM Morrison WINS first election DEBATE
PM S. Morrison LOSING his COOL
How to Nail your Q&A session
A simple greeting technique for networking events
Job Interview? Template to nail your first answer
Mind if I listen in? 20 Nov.
An Example where answering the first Q&A question, paid off
Remember to practice a comm skill with this technique
Networking techniques ‘how to’

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