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Recently, I read the ‘Energy is 70% of a job – if you don’t have it, be nice’ quote in a book I picked up in a bookstore. Maybe upon reading it, you laughed as I did.

You can elevate yourself in business by having consistent 70% or more energy in everything you do. Many people in business have minimal/non-existent energy. They seem to be just going through the paces until it’s time to go home.

One consistent key message in my work with my sales presentation clients is, to project energy – through how you listen, through the words you use, the questions you ask, how you answer questions, through your face, eyes, gaze, through how you handle, carry and conduct your body and through your voice.

In pitches for business and in other competitive selling situations the cumulative energy, you and your pitch/sales team generates in the eyes and ears of your prospective client versus your competitors, will win you the business – all other things being equal.

Here’s one ‘how to’ technique to generate the perception of energy in your face. Develop a genuine belief, that everyone you meet knows something you don’t know. Your job is to listen long enough to find it and use it. This internal belief will flow up and be expressed through your eyes and face.  People will perceive this energy, interest in them, curiosity etc. in your eyes and face – and will be drawn to interact with you.

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