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Whether you’re negotiating your own salary, or you’re the boss determining what salary to give a person, a consistent, emphatic tone conveying confidence is critical. These are the results of an experiment conducted by Jared Curhan et others, quoted in The science of subtle signals, Mark Buchanan, Strategy+Business, Autumn 2007/ Issue 48. http://www.strategy-business.com/article/07307?gko=4a97a

So what’s a consistent emphatic tone? One definition of emphatic is ‘forceful and definitive in expression or action’. An emphatic tone is easier to hear than describe in writing. However, these are some of its characteristics:

  1. There are no revisions on equivocation in use or choice of words.
  2. There are few qualifier words used. (For example: ‘just, maybe, probably’).
  3. The voice itself is moderate in loudness, and the voice speed is measured and forthright in delivery.

An emphatic tone would also be well supported with strong body posture and with the ‘owning’ and occupying of space.  Here’s a link to my post on owning space: http://www.kellyspeech.com.au/2010/05/own-and-occupy-space-for-the-perception-of-authority/. There also would be no perception of rushing in body movement or in gestures.

The ‘how to apply’ for this post: In the next seven days in any negotiation, choose one of the above characteristics and intentionally practice it, and reflect on the impact of using it.

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