Dropbox founder Drew Houston on what to do with feedback

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A number of years ago on a podcast* I heard Dropbox c0-founder and CEO, Drew Houston say something memorable about listening to feedback.
In essence, here is what Houston said:
“You need to have thick skin and thin skin.
Too thick skin, you may ignore something. So have thin skin to a degree. That is, let in ideas.
But don’t accept feedback holus bolas. Extract the kernel of wisdom from feedback. Exclude things that don’t fit.”
* If you happen to know the of the specific podcast please let me know.

Own the Conversation

Implementation idea
– In the next seven days ask a trusted person for feedback about one of your presentations; about an interaction; about how you conducted a meeting, about a piece of writing et al.
– Aim to extract a kernel wisdom from feedback
p.s. ‘Even in the harshest feedback, there is an element of truth.’
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