Why you shouldn’t present like Steve Jobs

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I received an email the other day entitled, How to present like Steve Jobs.  I have nothing against Jobs or his presentation style. His passing was a loss to many people. He certainly was a luminary in his field and he was a talented presenter.

Still, I maintain it’s a mistake to aim to present like Jobs. If you and millions of other people present like him – then all these people will be presenting in the same manner – and will bore your audiences due to that sameness.

In my sales presentation and speech communication client work I tell people – rather than adopting the techniques and ideas I share – adapt them to your own style. Similarly, learn from Jobs and his presentation technique but don’t try to be like him.

The ‘how to apply’ for this post: Pay attention to all types of presenters. Learn from the good, the poor and the mediocre. Then develop your own unique style. Get feedback from trusted people on your presentations. Video record your speaking and presentations and watch the playback.

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