DON’T Present LIKE Steve JOBS

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A number of years ago, I received an email entitled, How to present like Steve Jobs. I have nothing against Jobs or his presentation style, and his passing was a loss to many people. Undoubtedly he was a luminary in his field and a talented presenter.

Still, I maintain, aiming to present like Jobs is a mistake. If you and millions of other people present like him – then you and others will all be presenting in the same manner – and boring audiences due to that sameness.

In my executive communication coaching work I tell people – rather than adopting the techniques and ideas I share – adapt them to their own style. Similarly, learn from Jobs and his presentation technique, and adapt aspects of that technique to your presentation style – but don’t try to be like him.


OWN the Conversation

In the vein of learning from good presenters, watch the first 60 seconds of Brene Brown’s TED talk.

Then consider this question. Has Brown made you want to hear more? If yes, what could you adapt from Brown’s delivery style – in how you present in pitch presentations and boardroom meetings. In the next seven days, in a safe presentation, adapt one thing you learned from Brown.

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