DOES your voice ATTRACT and keep ATTENTION?

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How to generate voice energy so you keep people’s attention when you speak?

Do you have a monotone voice, or a lethargic voice or an un-energetic voice?

In the rich, vivid environment of a face to face meeting, a monotone voice may be overlooked. In a video meeting – a monotone voice is conspicuous.

In this 2:19 minute CLIP I share a technique to inject energy in your voice, so you attract and keep the attention of your audience.

Own the Conversation

Do this:

Practice the schoolyard YaYaYa whip voice in a safe interactions to see if it pays off for you.

  • Perhaps use the technique to grab the attention of a friend or family member, or
  • When ordering a takeaway coffee amongst a crowd of people,



New multi-modular programme on Leading Virtual Teams in a Post-COVID World

Now that your team is reconnecting through a hybrid of virtual and face-to-face meetings, how can you lead them, and keep them engaged, connected and inspired?

John Le Mesurier – an international change management expert – and I, have developed a multi-modular programme to give you practical techniques to be highly effective with your virtual communication.

The first 60 minute Module of the programme, conducted by video conference or face to face meeting – is free.

In that Module you’ll learn:

  • how to project energy, certainty and presence in the virtual space.
  • how to read a virtual room.
  • how to keep your team engaged and provide an environment of psychological safety.

Why not contact me to discuss how this programme could be tailored for you and for your organisation on:

0418 215 049 or at michael@michaelkelly.com.au

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