DOES your BODY language PROJECT self-DOUBT in video meetings?

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When people interact with you in video meetings, what do they perceive about you?

In Module Four of The Art of communication through video conference series**, I shared that, when entering a video meeting (or a physical room) you should radiate warmth and acceptance and calm enthusiasm.

In this 2:01 minute Module Seven CLIP I share how to own and occupy the physical space.

Here are key messages of the series:

#1 Make sure you set up the environment for a professional video conference

#2 Increase the energy certainty in your face, body and voice when you speak

#3 Use an Open-Middle-Close speaking structure

#4 Be assertive in checking if your messages are understood

Own the Conversation

What aspect of owning and occupying space could you practice in the next seven days?

Make a calendar entry to:

  • Sit in a specific meeting with a long neck, or
  • Imagine a puppeteer is pulling a string from the top of your head toward the ceiling, or
  • Use the thumb-to-index finger gesture paired with an important point.


p.s. This post titled, Why ‘Aim Fire’, has replaced ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’, might interest.

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