Why deepening yourself can make you’re a better leader

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I came across a great Fast Company article which shared the thoughts of business philosopher, Peter Koestenbaum, entitled: ‘Do you have the will to lead’. Here’s the link. http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/32/koestenbaum.html

Koestenbaum echoes the thought of Jim Rohn that was shared in a recent post, namely:  ‘Work harder on yourself than on your job’.

Here are two vignettes from the article that resonated with me: “Nothing is more practical than for people to deepen themselves. The more you understand the human condition, the more effective you are as a businessperson. Human depth makes business sense.”

“ . . .you need to change your habits of thought: how you think, what you value, how you work, how you connect with people, how you learn, what you expect from life, and how you manage frustration. Changing those habits means changing your way of being intelligent. It means moving from a non-leadership mind to a leadership mind.”

The ‘how to apply’ for this post: Read and reflect on the above article and consider how you can deepen yourself.

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