A surprising factor of a highly rated personality

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‘Miron Zukerman and his associates at the University of Rochester reported that a group of college students with

Side profile portrait young man talking with sound waves coming out of his open mouth isolated grey wall background. Human face expressions

highly attractive voices had more pleasantly rated personalities than students with less attractive voices.

As might be expected, they observed a similar effect for facial attractiveness, but the vocal effect was stronger. When personality is involved,

a pretty voice is better than a pretty face.”

The above quotation is about researcher Miron Zukerman’s work relayed in the book Why we don’t talk to each other anymore 

Do you have a ‘pretty voice? Should you aim to have a a pretty voice?

I’d suggest a pretty voice is the wrong thing to aim for. However, knowing more about your voice, knowing how other people hear your voice and knowing how to change your voice – for better influence is worth knowing about.

Below is a link to a post which explains why your voice sounds differently on an audio recording versus how it sounds when you normally speak.

The first step in controlling and wielding your voice, to give it more influence, is to listen to short audio recordings of it (no matter how unpleasant this may be).

Your CALL to action/HOW to apply for this post: In the seven days leading up to your next presentation, using your smart phone, audio record the opening 45 seconds of the presentation. For each day leading up to the presentation date, listen to the 45 second clip three times a day at four hour intervals.

If you do this, on your presentation day, you’ll have a deeper insight into your voice and will have reduced your aversion to listening to it’s audio recorded version.

In addition, you will have created a ‘audio file’ in your brain, that you can call on that ‘file, to speak your the opening of your presentation with more confidence and certainty.

Click to find out why your voice sounds different on audio recording

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