Do you have a policy for hybrid meetings?

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In this insightful PwC article, A remarkable thing could happen as we return to work, one point that resonated with me was this:

‘…with 800 international companies, and the overriding priority for most was increasing support for hybrid working configurations, with clear roles for remote and in-person approaches.’

Related to increasing support for a hybrid working configuration – and as I maintain is my recent post When should you schedule a a face to face versus virtual meeting – one way to lessen the feeling of exclusion of virtual participants is for

 the chairperson to mention to physically present participants, the exclusionary nature of side conversations, and ask them to refrain from having them. In effect, the policy could be, whatever comments are made, should be clearly heard by all participants.

Own the Conversation

Here’s what to do:

  • Consider and what is one action you could take that will support hybrid working.
  • Discuss the action with a colleague(s).
  • Take the action if appropriate.
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