Do you HAVE a PLAYBOOK for video office SET-UP and VIRTUAL communication?

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Since March 2020 to the present time, I’ve rapidly upgraded the set-up of my office, and upgraded my video meeting communication skills.

Last week I compiled a Virtual Communication Resources playbook that captures all aspects of my learning about office set-up and communication through a screen.

Contents of the playbook include:

  • The case for why you should upgrade your virtual communication.
  • All ten Modules of my freshly produced The Art of Communication through video conferencing, Series One.
  • Product suggestions for your virtual office (with links) for lighting, lighting stands and clamps, microphone, webcams and green screen.

Here is the LINK to the Video Communication Resources playbook

Own the Conversation

To notch-up your virtual office set-up and virtual communication:

  1. Watch the ten Modules (or one or two) of The Art of Communication through video conferencing (if you haven’t already). It will only take you 20 minutes (Ten modules, 2 minutes each).
  2. After watching a/the Module, choose one technique to intentionally daily practice in your video meetings in the next seven days.


p.s. this post entitled Three hard to say sentences  (that executives don’t say enough) might interest.

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