An example of playing the victim from Craig Thomson

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Craig Thomson was again the victim in his press conference yesterday with his, “I have done no wrong-doing” comment (Below is a link to a Daily Telegraph, Honestly believing that he is a victim article with my body language and speech analysis of Thomson’s May 2012 Federal Parliament address.) Also below is yesterday’s press conference clip.

Thomson has never swayed from his deep belief that he has been wronged at every turn in the HSU saga. Because of this, his body language, speech and feeling tone play along with that belief.

That’s why he came across yesterday as a sweet, polite, young man. There was the soft face and the light, innocent voice. It said in effect, ‘look at me, listen to me – this is not how a guilty person looks and sounds’.

Thomson wan joke at the start of the conference: “On legal advice I’ve been asked not to give a speech, as a politician that probably goes a little against the grain”, isn’t one you’d expect from someone who is facing criminal charges and severe financial penalties. Even his awkward phrasing “I have done no wrong-doing” is consistent with that of an ordinary, unpolished man-in-the-street.


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