How to communicate like DENIRO & PACINO

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This 6:17 minute scene of Robert Deniro and Al Pacino, from the movie Heat is cinematic gold.  (I’m sure some of you know of it).

Watching it – will make you a better communicator – by osmosis. It’s riveting viewing.

It is so good, I feel reluctant to offer any analysis of it.

The main effect of the scene on me was how Deniro and Pacino didn’t rush their lines. They ‘own’ time. They take extra seconds as needed, before responding to each other.

Here’s the LINK

Own the Conversation

As I’ve shared in the past,

if you’re perceived as rushing – that is junior behaviour

if you’re perceived as ‘owning time’ – that is senior behaviour.

In the next seven days make a calendar entry:

  • to not rush
  • to own time
  • to take an extra second or two before you speak

in at least one of your interactions.

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