How Gen. Colin POWELL projects CERTAINTY when he communicates

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In my One-on-One Leadership communication training, work, the most bang-for-time activity, is drilling the:

Message, Flesh-out the message, Repeat the message (MFR) schema.

The schema has many applications; from introducing yourself at a networking function, to delivering a boardroom pitch, to giving a message to a colleague in your office. Using the schema well, will help you communicate your ideas and vision with confidence and certainty.

One excellent demonstration of the schema is included in following 2:42 minute clip, from former general and U.S Secretary of State, Colin Powell.

In addition to using the (MFR) schema, here are additional techniques Powell uses to project certainty.

# A brief nod to acknowledge the questioner.

# Owning and occupying the physical space with definite gestures in front of his body.

# The thumb-to-index finger gesture paired with important points.

# The technique of anaphora. Anaphora is repetition of  phrases in successive clauses.

Such as: “No matter how . . . you are lieutenant . . .  you must never look…”

“No matter how cold it is lieutenant, you must never look cold; No matter how hungry you are lieutenant, you must never look hungry; No matter how terrified you are lieutenant, you must never look terrified”.

# The humourous example of the sergeant’s advice to underscore the key message of trust.

Here is the LINK to the clip.

Own the Conversation

In the next seven days in at least one interaction or meeting – channel the confidence and certainty of Powell while using the Message, Flesh-out the message, Repeat the message schema.


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