Premier Bob Carr’s choice voice lesson 2

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Michael Kelly
“Bob, give us an example or two of how your voice has helped you in achieving the success you’ve had in your public life?”

Bob Carr
“Well you have to be heard in the Parliament, so when I was a young Minister I took a lot of trouble to give performances at Question time in the New South Wales Parliament as impressive as I could make them.

And you could only do that by having an energetic and animated voice. If you couldn’t be heard and if you didn’t sound like a frontbencher you were in trouble.

I think the voice communicates moreover when you’re Leader of the opposition whether you’re a credible Premier, a prospect as Premier. And if you don’t sound like it – if you sound under-educated, there are people unconsciously who are going to mark you down.

The voice has got to carry authority and I think performing as Premier and persuading people to do things they may not have thought of, or they might find too hard – again it’s authority and your authority begins with your voice.”

The above is the second Q&A with Bob Carr for my CD/MP3 Choice Voice. Lessons from great speaking voices. Edition One: Bob Carr.

Later this month I’ll pose the question to Angela Catterns at an exclusive event for my best client, colleagues and friends.

For me, the telling points in Carr’s response are 1. “your voice communicates whether you’re a credible Premier (substitute Leader here in applying this to yourself). 2. “ . . .your authority begins with your voice.” 3. “…people will unconsciously mark you down”.

The how to apply/your call to action for this post: Over the next seven days, reflect on whether your voice communicates whether you are a credible, authoritative leader.

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