A technique to make yourself heard at networking functions

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Yesterday I attended a networking breakfast. In turn, all of the 50 small business owners stood briefly to introduce themselves and their respective businesses.

I was keen to hear each person’s message, but over 30% of the people who spoke, talked too softly or indistinctly for me to hear them clearly.

One reason for this lack of volume is due to the difference between how you, the speaker, hear your voice, and what others hear.*

Here is one simple way to make yourself heard when speaking in this ‘introduction scenario’.

As you stand to speak, picture your voice as if it were a laser beam. As you start to speak, image directing this ‘laser beam voice’ to the person in the group seated farthest away from you. By doing this your voice will be better heard by everyone in the room.

The ‘how to apply’ for this post: Over the next seven days, in meeting environments, practice this ‘laser beam voice’ technique, and reflect on its impact.

*Here is a link to a prior post with an explanation on why your voice sounds differently to you versus when you listen to yourself on an audio recording.

Why your voice sounds different on tape


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