CAN you HELP? My One, BIG Beautiful QUESTION

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Warren Berger on page 217 of his landmark book, The Book of Beautiful Questions*, writes:

…’…I believe that you should try to identify one particular question to pursue over time – call it your ‘big beautiful question (BBQ). It should be bold, ambitions and actionable’.

Another suggestion Berger makes regarding the BBQ is…’ Once you’ve devised your question, write it down, tell your friends, put it out there on social media – share it any way you can.

With Berger’s prompt in mind, here is my BBQ that I pose to myself regularly and then answer again and again and again – and then write down those answers for reflection.

How might I encourage simple, clear, inspiring spoken communication and focussed listening – through my writing, in-person interactions, in business as well as in non-profit organisations, but with a primary focus on business?

Part of me was reluctant to share the BBQ, as it seems somewhat indulgent.

Nonetheless, I welcome your support, ideas, suggestions to help me pursue the question. Thank you.

Own the Conversation

If the idea of a BBQ resonates with you, I recommend that you start working on one. Reading Berger’s book will help you with your BBQ, and will also upgrade your overall questioning skill.


* Here is one review of The Book of Beautiful Questions, that I wholeheartedly agree with:

‘This book is one of the best books this rebel soul has ever read. I have always had a curious mind and this book brought out the beautiful curiosity of questions that can only enhance my relationships at work, with friends, and with foes. Are you interested in Motivational Interviewing? This book is a great enhancement tool. I can’t recommend it enough.

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