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Each year, in the months of May and June, in Sydney Australia where I live, the Vivid Sydney Festival is held. 

To align with this Festival of Light, Music and Ideas, this month we’ll explore how light and music can be used in your presentations for better impact. In effect, to make your presentations, vivid.

And we definitely could use more vividness in presentations. The definition of vivid is:

  • ‘producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind’ and
  • ‘(of a colour) intensely deep or bright.

Consider how many presentations have occurred in the world in the last week? Would you agree, millions? How many of those presentations were mediocre? Let agree, millions.

Most people in the workforce are not eager to attend another presentation. But they often have to, because it’s part of their job.

This month,

let’s make a stand against mediocre presentations,

so that people better enjoy what the see, hear and feel, when they’re sitting in an audience.

To warm you up, here’s a 8:52 minute clip entitled David Fincher and the Art of Crafting Music Videos.

The clip includes commentary about, and tracks from, Madonna’s and George Michael’s pop songs that Fincher had crafted.

What I want you to particularly note, is how this master director, always has a clear intent and purpose in combining the visuals with the music – to make an audience’s experience, vivid and compelling.

Own the Conversation

Spinning off from Fincher’s example, over the next seven days, start reflecting on how you could use music, visuals and light – with clear intent and purpose in your presentations.

p.s. By the way, as some of you know the filming template, for the the award winning series House of Cards , was set by Fincher. For House of Cards tragics, you can listen to a 53:47 minute audio recording of Fincher’s commentary of Episode One of the series.

p.p.s Check out this post entitled, Presenting on camera like a pro.


**Photo credit: Stanley Zimny (Thank You for 23 Million views) via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC

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