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If you’re a B2B, Business development manager – one of your core skills is to generate business from new clients.Happy Screaming Man Raising Arms After Team Wins

Imagine this happened. Out of the blue you’ve been invited to deliver a pitch presentation for a very large piece of business, against competition. You have 14 days to prepare for it.

What would go through your mind?

Whatever thoughts would go through your mind, what if you could get an edge in winning this big piece of business, by perfecting how you plan, stage and deliver the Pitch-day presentation?

Assuming you agree that ‘top performers always want to improve if only they knew how’ – I invite you to take my 75 second,10 question, pitch diagnostic (please click the blue button below, “Pitching for new business. Find out how you can improve’).

After completing the diagnostic you’ll get a score and recommendations.

Here are two questions from the diagnostic.

– ‘Have you devised a compelling, opening hook for the Pitch-day presentation?’

– ‘Do you know who should be on the pitch team and how to strategically choose members of the team?’

A point to ponder: You are always – pitching. Pitching yourself. Pitching your ideas. Pitching your products and services. In a pitch for a major piece of business, against competition, small improvements that you make, extra things that you do –  can mean the difference between winning big, and winning second place.

Your CALL to Action/HOW to apply for this post: As suggested, take the pitch diagnostic (click the ‘Pitching for new business’ blue button below). Reflect on the recommendations. Contact me if you have any questions you want answered from that reflection at: michael@kellyspeech.com.au or on 0418 215 049.

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