How to make a confident, physical first impression

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Consider this. If you’re a CIO, what if you could Be The One, that other people wanted to work with? That is, what if you could be the one person who attracted top performers to vie, to become one of your direct reports? The one person whom your C level peers always sought out for guidance? The one person whom your CEO could not do without?

As I regularly work with CIOs, their direct reports and other team members within their IT or enterprise services operation, over the next six weeks my posts will be directed to CIOs  – to help them Be The One to work with.

The posts will help CIOs with challenges they’re facing – such as Succession Planning. Consider the posts to be a, ‘Be The One’ development curriculum. As with the format of most of my posts, each will have a specific idea/technique for you to IDP (Intentional Daily Practice) for the following seven days. Intentionally Daily Practice means that, on purpose, at least once a day (more times a day is better) you intentionally practice/work on the technique/idea – in one of your live interactions, meetings or presentations.

The key message for this post is this: Maximise the number of positive impressions you leave. Every time you interact with someone it forms an impression and potential for loss or gain. If you maximize the number of positive impressions you leave, you maximize your hit-rate in getting what you want. Whatever it is that you want.

What to do this week:

IDP a strong physical connection with a person by doing the following three things simultaneously:

a. Fully face a person

b. Hold eye contact (noting the colour of person’s eyes can help you with holding eye contact)

c. Smile

Doing the above might seem too simple. Yet, doing it, is deceptively powerful. For example, it has paid off powerfully for former U.S. President Bill Clinton. It is said, that when Clinton interacts with you, he can make you feel that what you are saying is the most fascinating thing he has ever heard.

Imagine making your direct reports, your peers, your boss and all other stakeholders feel that what they are saying is the most fascinating thing you have heard.  Doing the above three things will propel you further along the path of making every person you interact with, feel what they say is of importance to you.


p.s.  For my readers who are not CIOs – by focussing on CIOs – I am not seeking to exclude you. Obviously you too can benefit from the ideas and techniques. My regular readers will notice some of the ideas/techniques have been included in prior posts.

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