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Recently I sent an email to a prospective client. This prospect had shown an interest in my business pitch consulting services. However, negotiations between us had stalled and there was a possibility of the relationship petering out – of losing the momentum we had built up to that point.

With this in mind I sent the person (who I’ll call James) the below email.


Subject:               touching base/30 minutes with you (MD) and X (co-MD)


Hope you’re well. Let me propose something.

We’ve had a couple of face to face meetings, a few phone conversations, you’ve talked to a reference and I’ve delivered a presentation to you and your colleagues.

Assuming you still want to consider me to help you and your team with business pitching, this is what I suggest:

1. That you, me and X sit down for 30 minutes.

2. At the end of that 30 minutes we decide:

a. to work together of a piece of work, or

b. that it’s not wise to work together (which is fine of course).

If we choose to work together I’d love to do that. If we choose not to, we can bring this ‘chapter’ of our business relationship to a close and each ‘move-on’ to other collaborations.

Please contact me about this.

Thank you.


Michael k


The email prompted a quick response from the MD and a meeting was arranged.

As US consultant Tom Searcy says, “Time kills all deals”. There are varied ways to re-connect with a person whom you’ve previously met with, regarding a potential business relationship.  The above example is one method you can adapt, and add to your arsenal for re-connecting with people.

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