Here’s an idea that is a critical first step in your voice development

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In 2008 I produced a CD with Bob Carr entitled Choice Voice. Lessons from great speaking voices. Edition One: Bob Carr. Many things could be said about Carr’s personal communication (I’ll have more to say in the next weeks/months now that he is Australia’s foreign minister).

One striking aspect of his personal communication is his ‘cut-through’ voice. Whatever your politics, Carr would not have been New South Wales longest serving Premier if he hadn’t developed his voice to such a high standard. Due to his voice power and energy, Carr when he was interviewed during his years as Premier by the high profile radio presenter Alan Jones, was one of the few politicians who could easily hold his own and even ‘push back’ Jones.

One first step in developing your own voice is getting more familiar with it. In particular, increasing your understanding of the voice other people hear when you speak. As you’ll know your voice sounds different on an audio recording than listening to it when you normally speak. The recorded voice is the voice that other people hear.

The ‘how to apply’ for this post: In the next seven days record small clips of your speaking – about 5 to 7 seconds or so. Then really focus on listening to the recordings, to the point where you no longer cringe on hearing your recorded voice. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be at a better place to start experimenting and developing your voice potential and influence.

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