The best verus worst presenters – the key difference

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As we start a new year, one way to be more effective in your work is to hone how you plan and deliver your spoken messages and presentations. Below is the my take on the key difference between the best and worst presenters.


1.        The BEST presenters are Audience Focused in their planning and delivery.

2.        The WORST presenters are Presenter Focused in planning, and in delivery. It’s like they’re talking to themselves in the presence of others.

Let me elaborate:


1.      Are audience focussed: they ‘hook’ the audience to listen, and provide the key message early; they provide a structure, and base their presentation/message on how the people in the audience think, feel and on what they need.

2.      Are perceived as genuinely enthusiastic about their message, through their voice, face, body and feeling tone.

3.      Omit needless words; are incisive; provide fresh metaphors, stories, vignettes, images and video clips that drive home their key message.

4.      Make an audience connection emotionally and physically; audience members feel like the presenter was talking just to them.

5.      Master the Q&A.


1.      Provide no hook for audience to listen; no early clear, key message; lack structure because they have no audience focus.

2.      Project little/no energy in their voice, face and body.

3.      Provide too much information and detail.

4.      Abuse PowerPoint.

5.      Mishandle the Q&A.

The ‘how to apply’ for this post:  In the next seven days, choose one of ‘The Best’ points above – reflect on it –  and then apply it in a sales presentation or in an interaction.

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