Do you believe this is the end?

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“When I was going through my worst times I had to ask myself, ‘Do I believe this is the end? No I don’t – so I needed to start a process of re-building. I tell people who are through hell – don’t stop. You want to stay there. Find a reason you won’t stop because if you find a reason you will find a way. Reasons come first, ways come second.”

Pat Mesiti, success coach, shared the above insight in the book, Secrets of Success Coaches Exposed, by Dale Beaumont.

The sentence that resonated with me is: ‘Reasons come first, ways come second.’ This comment is echoed by the late business philosopher Jim Rohn. Rohn maintains that people who don’t achieve success, don’t have  reasons. That is, reasons to take a risk, reasons to persist in the face of hardship.

Rohn’s examples of reasons include: providing for loved ones,  achieving recognition from peers, honoring a commitment made to a mentor, for the benefit of humanity etc.

Your Call to action/How to apply for this post: We all have tough times. Next time you have one, find a reason or remind yourself of the reason you already have, for not stopping. Then prepare for ways to open up. Ways that help your to not stop, and to push through the tough times.

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