A surprising statistic on what your audience will remember

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“Beginnings are so important. My most important contributions for a project is at the start – setting the vision.”

These words were spoken by Todd Coates, CEO of Sydney Bridge Climb, at a breakfast seminar I recently attended.

Coates’ words are wise. Regularly I observe speakers, presenters and leaders fluff their beginnings/openings. It’s obvious that they haven’t put in the time to plan how they will open and ‘set the vision’ for the meeting, project etc. Many also mishandle the closing of a speech or presentation.

This lack of preparation is particularly damaging as my anecdotal research reveals that 80% of what an audience will remember will be the open and close of a presentation.

Your Call to Action/How to apply for this post: For your next opening, whatever it is, put in extra planning time to craft the opening. Make every word tell. Project energy and certainty through your voice, face and body.
p.s. If you want ideas on how to open an upcoming presentation feel free to contact me at (02) 9416 2311.

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