Four posts to prompt a positive mindset

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As St Patrick’s Day occurs in March, and since green is the traditional colour of the day, the theme and focus for this month’s posts is ‘Be green and growing!’.

To get you going, on being green and growing, below are four prior posts to prepare your mindset for this month’s ideas and techniques.

BDMs – Do your have tremendous yearning?  This post explores the five strengths of a Buddhist meditation master.

Executives – Do you have an undefeated mind?  Among the things you’ll learn in this post are, the essence of victory and when a problem is solved.

Candour – It’s paid off for Scott Frew This post shares the key business tenets of one of Sydney’s super rich who flies under the radar.

Be courageous – Don’t wait for permission This post describes a telling experience from a senior banking executive.

Own the Conversation

Read one or all of the above posts to open up your mind for growth this month.


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