How being bold effects you and your audience

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While I don’t agree with some of the suggestions and tactics in Robert Greene’s book, The 48 Laws of Power, Law 28 in the book entitled, ‘Enter action with boldness’, has some valuable ideas. In particular, Greene shares in Law 28, the suggestion: ‘Be bold – no one honours the timid’. Here is a link to a page that explains Law 28 in more depth:


Greene maintains, most people are timid. They want to avoid tension and be liked by all. They may contemplate a bold action but they rarely bring to life. They are afraid of the consequences of being bold. Greene writes that boldness, as compared to timidity, is outer directed. It never induces embarrassment or awkwardness – so we admire bold people and prefer to be around them – because their boldness brings us out of our own realm of timidity.

The ‘how to apply’ for this post: In the next seven days, take what would be (for you) a bold action. It could be introducing yourself to a senior executive you don’t know at your organisation’s Christmas party, or phoning up a challenging potential customer, or making a tough thought-provoking comment in a sales presentation or in a boardroom meeting.

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