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Do you have the five strengths?rise and improvement concept

(NB. This post may seem mystical to some of you. For me, for some time, periodically reviewing the five Strengths has helped me protect my confidence).
Do you have 1. Strong Determination. 2. Familiaristion. 3. Seed of virtue. 4. Reproach. 5. Aspiration?

The five Strengths (by Buddhist meditation master Chogyam Trungpa) were shared in Margaret Wheatley’s book Perseverance.
Below, as you read the through the Strengths, rate yourself on each one. I suggest you do this on a 1-7 rating scale (1) lowest, (7) highest rating.
Tally your score and record it for later review. Periodically rate yourself to note your progress.
1. Strong Determination: You continuously reaffirm your strong longing to continue with your work. You are pleased to wake up in the morning and pleased to go to bed at night.
2. Familiarisation: You have developed your skilfulness. You know what you’re doing, your work is a natural and familiar  process.
3. Seed of Virtue: You have tremendous yearning to offer your work. You do not feel that you’ve had enough of it or that you have to do something else instead.
4. Reproach: You silence the inner voices of doubt, negativity, self-loathing, ego.
5. Aspiration: you are willing to serve any worthy cause that helps the rest of the world.’
Your CALL to action/HOW to apply for this post: Choose one of the strengths and for the next seven days make a conscious effort to improve that strength. For example, for Reproach, when any doubt surfaces –  counter it by revisiting and vividly reliving a win.
p.s. Think about this.
What do we remember? Things that go well, or things that don’t go well?
If you’re like most people you’ll remember the ‘not go well’ things. You don’t need to write them down. You’ll tend to forget the ‘go well’ things or what I call ‘Win notes’. Check out this post on the worth of writing down your Win notes.
p.p.s  Last night at the Sir Stamford Hotel in Sydney I held an ‘Introducers Appreciation event‘. An event for people who had introduced my services to other business contacts. The presenter at the event was Ritesh Srivastava, founder and CEO of Epictenet.
Ritesh delivered a great presentation entitled, Transform your digital persona. Profit in a changing digital landscape. For more information about Ritesh and his organisation please visit epictenet.com
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