Why energy is 70% of any job

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Enthusiasm Concept. Keys with Golden Keyring.Enthusiasm is underrated. Business development people are exploring the unknown. That means that there’s more than cash on the table, there’s bravery and initiative and excitement.

The best business development people I’ve ever worked with are able to capture the energy in the room and amplify it. They’ll build on the ideas being presented, not make them smaller.’

The above quotation is from a great article by Seth Godin, entitled, Understanding business development.

Consider this. Can you capture the energy in a room an amplify it? If you can’t, consider this: Energy is 70% of a job. If you don’t have it, be nice.

What I mean by energy, is energy transmitted through your voice, your face, your body language and the feeling tone you give off. Some BDMs have natural energy. But everyone can upgrade their personal communication energy.

Energy overcomes many foibles when you are interacting and presenting to customers.

I remember one executive I was coaching who was disorganised, verbose and who had no clear message – and yet his genuine energy and passion kept me wanting to hear more.

Your CALL to action/HOW to apply for this post: Bite the bullet, and in the next 7 days audio or video record the first 30-45 seconds of how you might open a first customer meeting. Listen or watch the playback. Consider how you might notch-up your voice energy, or facial energy, or notch-up your energy through a gesture.

Then trial that behaviour in a safe interaction. Reflect on the impact. Did you amplify the energy/make the energy bigger in the room?

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