Articulate Leadership

Effective communication in the workplace is critical. Without it you couldn’t build innovative products, provide exceptional services, engage employees or satisfy customer needs.

Put simply, it’s the key to running a profitable, effective business geared for growth.

We excel at designing and implementing best practices and procedures for communicating well with clients, employees, partners and shareholders.

Our flagship program, Articulate Leadership, provides organisation-wide workshops and training which improve and enhance the communications capability of your organisation, in every situation, and at every level of the business.

Key benefits of running Articulate Leadership in your organisation:

  • Efficiency
    Meetings and interactions will be coherent and more productive as discussion points and topics will be clearly and concisely conveyed without ambiguity

  • Flow
    When ideas and expectations are defined with clarity, work flows quicker without conflict and less stress

  • Focus
    As a leader you will have more time to focus on driving your objectives further, as your team will be able to confidently represent you in senior executive meetings

  • Confidence
    With increased ability to articulate themselves effectively, your team will thrive without fear when interacting with senior colleagues and stakeholders

  • Growth
    Being able to effectively communicate is a revered skill which naturally leads to career growth and an increased ability to lead, both for yourself and your team

Michael Kelly works directly with you to create a customised program for you and your team. This typically involves the following activities:

  • Establishing a baseline skill level and communication profile for each person in your team
  • Stream training based on participant’s job role and capability
  • Creating a skills development roadmap and customised tailored program at the group and individual level
  • Scheduling group workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Assessing progress in-person and through recorded video assessments

Every business has a process to acquire more clients, sell more products and keep their shareholders happy. Articulate Leadership provides the process for developing leaders that can communicate effectively with impact. Simply put, “Better communicators make better leaders”.

A team that is ineffective at communicating incurs substantial organisational
costs over time.

Leader Edge Inc. research* maintains that in a 40-hour work week, 14% of the time is wasted is due to ineffective communication. That amounts to approximately seven weeks per year.

By improving the communication capability of your reports and wider team you will make significant dollar savings to your operation.

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