Articulate Leadership

The careers of your people will largely be defined by how well they communicate in important meetings.

To communicate well in important meetings, you need to know and nail the basics of effective listening and speaking.

Yet most people have never been taught how to be a focused listener; how to plan, structure and deliver clear spoken messages; how to use their voice and speaking cadence to project energy and certainty and how to speak when under pressure.

Ineffective communication has substantial costs.

Leader Edge Inc. research* maintains that in a 40-hour work week, 14% of the time is wasted because of poor communication between managers and their staff. That amounts to approximately seven weeks per year.

If you could get even three of those weeks back – by improving communication capability – let me propose that it would make significant dollar saving to your operation.

Your business has a process for HR, a process for IT and a process for customer service. What if you could have a process for developing articulate leaders?

Articulate Leadership is a methodology developed by Michael Kelly to improve and enhance the communications capability of your team, in every situation, and at every level of the organisation.

How does the ‘Articulate Leadership’ methodology work in practice?

Our process will:

  1. Establish a baseline of skill level for articulate communication for each person in your organisation/team/operation.
  2. In collaboration with you, identify and stream candidates based on job role and capability.
  3. Collaborate with you on a skills development roadmap and create customised tailored programs at the group and individual level.
  4. Schedule and conduct group workshops and one-on-one coaching over a fixed block of time.
  5. Assess progress including in-person and video assessments.

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