Are you just winging your presentations?

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It continues to surprise me how many executives miscue when delivering large audience presentations.

Recently, two of my clients shared separate vignettes of C level executives leaving a poor impression after their respective presentations.

Executive number one was obviously unaware of, or didn’t care about, the importance of the crucial impression a leader leaves with the first presentation to his/her organisation (a major Sydney start-up hub). **

My client who had observed the presentation said something to the effect of:

‘There was no take-way message and no energy in his delivery . . . it left me uninspired and feeling that the person had wasted my time”.  Ouch.

Executive number two held a high ranking role with a large multi-national IT company. My client who listened to this executive, found him uninspiring. He came across like he was winging it.

** Here is the research of Harvard University, Nalini Ambady who coined the term thin slicing.

Own the Conversation

Implementation suggestion:

Choose an upcoming presentation and put extra effort into planning it. Note the result.

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