ARE you FACING up to DIGITAL communication?

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Over the weekend I read an excellent Masterclass article by Anthony Mitchell in the Australian Financial Review.
In the article one tip Mitchell shared, is that leaders need to face up to digital communications and be acutely aware of their facial expression and voice tone.
My view is that a monotone, lethargic voice may be overlooked in a rich face-to-face environment.

In the virtual environment – a monotone, lethargic voice is conspicuous.

Here is the Mitchell’s ‘Face up to digital communications’ tip in its entirety.

‘Face up to digital communications

Leaders must become highly effective communicators on digital platforms. Videoconferencing in particular highlights flaws in communication (lack of emotional control, inauthenticity for example) and so leaders will need to become acutely aware of their communication style, particularly their facial expression and tone of voice

The keys to this include: being present (you have to stop multi-tasking when everyone can see whether you engage), centring yourself for the meeting (not coming in with frustration, anger or boredom), listening well and taking a genuine interest in others’ perspectives and sharing airtime equitably. Facial expressions need to convey enthusiasm, calm, optimistic interest in others. Your sentences need to be succinct and your voice needs to use its full tonal spectrum, A monotone voice is a disaster.’

Own the Conversation

Do this:

  1. Reflect on one of the above points that you could improve in your next video meeting, and schedule that improvement on your meeting preparation notes.
  2. During the meeting, intentionally make that improvement at least once during the meeting.
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