Are you a ‘PRE-PACKAGED’ leader?

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Recently I read a terrific article about the newly appointed CEO of The Ford Motor Company, Jim Hackett. The article was written by Jerry Useem, in a 7/3/19 Australian Financial Review, Review Magazine edition, entitled: Why Ford hired a furniture maker as CEO. 

This article is well worth reading. A comment in the article that made be pause and think was this. “If you look at business history, the winners are almost always those that get their user experience right”.

I’ve been a fan of Hackett for many years. Here is the link to a 2012 New York Times, Corner Office article, with Hackett being interviewed by Adam Bryant, Leadership Never Looks Prepackaged James Hackett of Steelcase, on Authentic Leadership – NYTimes.com

What impressed in the article was:

#1 Hackett’s comments about Bill Marriott (Chairman of the board, Marriott International) Namely,” . . .being struck by the look in his eyes as he talked . . . I wanted to have that quality as a leader, where it’s really CLEAR WHO YOU ARE and what you stand for”.

#2 This comment: ‘The ones (CEOs) I’m most impressed with do not seem packaged. But they have this sense of peace, this self-awareness, that says, “I understand who I am.”

Own the Conversation

After reading the Leadership Never Looks Prepackaged article, make a calendar entry to go to a cafe, that’s not your usual one, by yourself, for a chunk of time, and reflect on these questions.

  • As a leader in my interactions, am I operating from a script?
  • When, am I operating on AUTO-PILOT?
  • When I interact with people do they GET that I clearly UNDERSTAND who I AM and what I stand for?
  • What attitudes or behaviour might help me UNPACKAGE my presentation of self?

p.s. Here’s one of my posts that might help you be less ‘packaged’, titled Why, ‘if I only said this’ is the wrong strategy . It describes an option the GREATEST generals and STRATEGISTS have when under PRESSURE.

p.p.s. Here is a message from a top-performer I know – Duff Watkins. Duff is the ‘Career Doctor’.

The Cost of Communication:  your job.

Everything communicates.  You can’t not communicate!

People study everything leaders do and say and people study everything leaders don’t do and say.  You accelerate your performance when you harmonise words and actions to create a message. That’s what people want (and need) to hear from leaders:  the message.

If you don’t take the crafting of your message seriously, people won’t take you seriously. That’s one reason why 40% of new leaders fail within 18 months.

If you’re not creating an ongoing communication strategy, you’re already behind. In fact, if you’re not implementing it before Day 1 on your job, you’re really behind. Avoid being part of the failed 40%, let’s sort out your communication strategy now!

Call me for a free consultation.  After all, the clock is ticking…

Duff Watkins 0411 156 472; dw@execsearch.com; execsearch.com.au

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