Anthony Albanese’s best speech to date

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Leaving aside the value of his policies, and with a benchmark of a credible, believable, inspiring leader of state, here is my analysis of Anthony Albanese’s speech to the Lowy Institute on 10 March.

The speech was the best speaking performance delivered to date by the Leader of the Opposition.

Albanese projected a statesmanlike bearing with a measured, un-rushed speaking cadence combined with an energetic vocal tone. He used strong, disciplined gestures to emphasis key points.

It was a fine performance – until his closing statements – which undermined the entire speech. (Watch from the 37:00 minute mark to the end of the speech)

Albanese’s concluding remarks somehow left me flat and uninspired. It was if he was reciting lines from a script he did not believe.

It was the delivery of the old Albanese.

When an audience hears an uninspiring delivery from a potential leader of state, they will conclude – consciously or unconsciously – that the potential leader is uninspiring. And few voters want an uninspiring leader of state.

Still, Albanese has significantly improved the presentation of himself and his messages.

I suspect he is having presentation skills training.

Here is a LINK to the speech

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