Radio Broadcaster Angela Catterns, Voice Lesson 4

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Michael Kelly
“Angela, what interviewing ideas do you have for the non-professional interviewer?

Angela Catterns
Well for me I think the secret to interviewing is actually listening. So you can just start off with one question – and if you listen to the answer . . . I’m also writing down something someone has said when I’m interviewing them . . . and that’s where I get my next question.

So that’s my way of doing an interview . . . to let it organically unfold, rather than work your way through a pre-determined list of questions.

Of course you can determine where you’ll end up with an interview – but really the secret is to listen, listen to the responses that you get, and it always informs the next question and the next and so on.”

The above Q&A was from a July 2014 interview with Radio 2UE host, Angela Catterns.

Your Call to action/How to apply for this post: In the next seven days buy someone a coffee and ‘interview’ them about a particular topic (their top of mind work focus; feedback on your leadership; what is getting in the way of them doing their work etc).

Aim to really listen to their responses (take notes) and trust yourself to let their responses inform your next comments/questions.

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