An analysis of Sam Stosur’s body language

Last night while watching Sam Stosur’s sad, first round loss at the Australian Open, I was reminded of a 2014 Daily Telegraph article I had written about Stosur’s body language and speech, entitled The keys to free Stosur – How Sam can banish her Aussie woes.

The article might interest you.

After watching this recent Stosur performance, my views are the similar to those expressed in the 2014 article.

What struck me about Stosur in the match against Dayana Yastremska was her facial expression during the pre-match warm-up, with tight cheeks and pressed lips, as if she was keeping a lid on the tremendous pressure she was feeling.

What stood out during the latter stages of the match – while Stosur sat at her player’s chair between games – was her ashen, hollow face and vacant, haunted eyes, conveying the feeling that losing once again was inevitable.

Yastremska body language conveyed determination and self-possession, through purposeful movement between points, briefly skipping to settle herself before serving and calm, focussed eyes.

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