A great example of energy you can learn from

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I came across a great example of energy this week. It was in a video clip by Scott Ginsberg better known as the Nametag guy. Here’s the link to the clip: http://www.nametagtv.com/home. There is great energy in his face, voice and body.  And it’s projected in such an easy manner. Here’s the ‘how to’ steps of how you can project energy in your speech communication and body language with the help of Scott’s clip. One: Watch a clip on the site and take notes on the content so you can deliver a rough rendition of it. Two: Video record or audio record (use your phone’s audio recorder) yourself delivering your rendition. Three: Watch or listen to your recording. Four: Compare your recording with Scott’s and make notes on how you could better match his energy. Five: Re-record your rendition and then repeat steps three to five until you get a closer match with Scott’s energy.

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