A better alternative for “Thanks for having me”

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I might have touched on this topic in prior posts. I write about the topic because (1) In the last few weeks the below advice has resonated with many of my clients. (2) I still regularly hear politicians and other luminaries in radio interviews, begin the interview, sheepishly.

The take-away messages is this:

Whenever you’re being interviewed or you are a guest speaker at a function et al, when the host, emcee, interviewer etc. welcomes you to the event,

  • Don’t say “Thanks for having me.”

Do say:

“Good to be with you”

or “It’s a pleasure” or “I look forward to chatting” or “I’m glad to be here“- or come up with your own response.

“Thanks for having me”, signals subservience. It doesn’t cast you in a positive light, particularly at the important ‘first impressions’ time of the interview or event.**

(** Now there may be some occasions where “Thank for having me” is appropriate. Maybe at an away from work event. If you think of other events where“Thank for having me” et al is a good option please let me know).

Own the Conversation

Implementation idea:

(1) Make a point to listen to talk back radio over the next seven days and tally how many times you hear the guest say “Thanks for having me”.

(2) In the next few weeks, look at your calendar for an event where you will be greeted or are scheduled to be a guest and log on the date in your calendar the words “Good to be with you”. Use this sentence on the day when being greeted. Note the impact of using the sentence.

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