Confident Personal Communications

Module 8

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You can also project confidence with your body language by occupying and owning the physical space in front of your body.

The key message for this Module is:

Occupy and ‘Own’ space with the ‘semi-circular container’ technique.

Here is an example of the semi-circular container. Imagine that there is a semi-circular container in front of you. The dimensions of the container are 30 cm to one of your torso, 30 cm to the other side of your torso and 45 cm in front of you. The container extends from you waist to shoulder height

This container space is where you occupy and own space, and gesture.

In a standing interaction you might say:

Ashley, what if we could reduce defects by 20% in less than 30 days.

In that example I supported my words with a thumb to index finger gesture to the 45 cm extension of the container.

When seated you would rest and relax your arms at the side edges of the metaphorical container like this. Then you could use the same gesture as when standing.

Ashley what if we could reduce defects by 20% in less than 30 days.

Key Message

Occupy and ‘Own’ space with the ‘semi-circular container’ technique.

Your tasks

To do right now, or to complete within the next 30 minutes:

At your desk place your arms and hands at rest at the edges of the metaphorical container. Let them rest there for a count of ten.

This is the posture I recommend you use when in a meeting when you’re in the listening mode. It is an open posture that will be perceived by others as someone who is confident. (as opposed for example a posture where the hands are touching each other).

Now get out of the chair and ask a colleague a question while gesturing within the semi-circular container. For example, you might lift a hand into the container as you ask the colleagues “So what are your plans for the weekend?”

Reflect on how you felt after doing these tasks. Did you feel more confident?

What else could you do to put into practice ideas from this Module? Take 13 seconds to see if an idea pops up. Maybe watch the Module again if you have time.