Confident Personal Communications

Module 15

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Consider this. Everyone in the workplace is time-poor. This means that your boss is most likely time poor too.

The key messages for this Module is:

  1. Use the Open – Middle – Close structure’
  2. Omit needless words
  3. Project energy and certainty through your voice, face and body

Here’s how it could work in practice.

Ashley you wanted an update on my work – here are the messages:

Number One: We’re green for the release on the 29th.

Number Two: The customer issue has been resolved and you’ll get an email about that next week.

Number Three: Our ICSM score is at 92. That’s a two point improvement from last quarter.

That’s the update.

When you meet with your boss resist the temptation to go into too much detail. If your boss wants to know more details he or she will surely ask.

Importantly, before a meeting – take the time and get clear on your key messages, and be prepared to share them in a simple manner, omitting needless words – as in the above example.

Key Message

  • Use the Open – Middle – Close structure’
  • Omit needless words
  • Project energy and certainty through your voice, face and body

Please practice the technique first in safe interactions until you’re able to perform it competently.

Your tasks

To do right now, or to complete within the next 30 minutes:

Imagine in the next minute your boss sent you an email that he wanted an update on your work. Take three minutes now and compose the update following the structure recommended in this Module.

Don’t worry if it is a bit rough. This practice with help you more quickly translate your ideas into concise speaking.

Over time you’ll be able to respond better to urgent requests for information because of the metaphorical structure you’ve embedded in your mind.

What else could you do to put into practice ideas from this Module? Take 13 seconds to see if an idea pops up. Maybe watch the Module again if you have time.