Why I gave Scott Morrison’s presentation an 8/10

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Scott Morrison delivered a credible performance in his Budget speech last night. Here is the link to the footage profile_welcome (Large)

Leaving aside the value of his ideas, from watching the opening and closing of the speech, I rate Morrison’s performance as 8/10 – against the benchmark of a credible, visionary, inspiring Treasurer of state

The positives of his performance were:

  • his voice energy maintained throughout the 30 minutes.
  • ‘owning’ and occupying the physical space and movement of his torso.
  • fluency of speaking.

Areas to improve were:

  • Lack of variation in speed of delivery. The speech rate was metronomic. There was little pause or acceleration for effect.
  • Lack of gestures to support his thoughts. He was tethered to his notes and the despatch box.
  • His eye glasses that needed to be repeated pushed back up his nose.

Morrison’s strengths are his ability to project certainty, and maintaining his cool under pressure. He comes across overall as not taking himself too seriously while taking his job seriously.

p.s. Here is link to my deconstruction of Malcolm Turnbull’s challenge for the leadership speech http://kellyspeech.com.au/m-turnbull-people-will-believe-your-certainty/

It might interest you.

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