5 PROVEN tips for PRESENTING to your BOARD

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Two years ago a C level executive at one of my clients, Caltex, shared with emerging leaders at the company, five excellent tips for presenting to the board of directors.

Here they are:

1. Think of relationship, not a presentation.

2. You will be judged, Acknowledge that and step up.

3. Tell what you want, limit how you got there.

4. Practice speaking as much as you can outside your domain area.

5. Personality – bring some of yours into the room.

Own the Conversation

In the next seven days commit to test-drive one of the tips.

For example:

  • think of a chance interaction as a relationship building exercise.
  • in delivering a message share what you want, limiting how you got there.
  • with a senior executive interaction, assume the person is judging you, and being at ease with being judged.


p.s. Here’s a post on the routine for confident reception desk interactions

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