What is delivery and why is delivery important to becoming a master communicator?

Delivery is the act of speaking a message through the use of your body language, your voice, words, your message structure and how you listen and speak under pressure.

Delivery is important because it can determine if you grab a person’s attention and keep that attention.

It can determine if you are perceived as a fast thinker, persuasive, confident, creative and as someone to trust.

Master your delivery with this collection of articles.

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When under pressure, are you brilliant at the basics?
Michael Kelly quoted in the Financial Review article – Are octogenarians like Biden and Trump fit to govern?
Confident, composed, clear & convincing. My analysis of RBA Governor’s 1st press conference
Get promoted more quickly, by solving problems
You’ll be replaced, if you’re not a excellent communicator
How best to answer questions in a job interview?
Did you believe the messenger? My analysis of the Optus CEO’s response to the outage
The secret to projecting power and influence
Structuring an IT pitch presentation using AI
Do you cram in too much information when you present?
Analysis of Qantas CEO update
How to avoid ‘verbal diarrhoea’
Even surgeons require coaching
Does status make you stupid?
Why you should seek an honest critic
Be prepared for every presentation with this cheat sheet
How to interject in a meeting
When using a story can have negative consequences
Do you have what it takes to be an enterprise leader?
Conquer fear when presenting
This golfing tip will make you a better communicator
Do you feel pressured to speak when no one else is talking?
General Stanley McChrystal’s five step process for getting things done
Use AI to create a hook for your presentation
Learn from Morgan Freeman’s gravitas
Do you sound under-educated?
Powerful, subtle techniques to ‘own a room’
Learn from the magnetism of former U.S. president Bill Clinton
Robert F. Kennedy’s 50% rule for being successful
Here’s how to feel more comfortable with small talk
Scoring NSW Premier D. Perrottet and NSW Opposition leader C. Minns
A better alternative for “Thanks for having me”
Don’t make this mistake at the start of your job interview
What separates experts from amateurs
This little known speech may be Obama’s best
How to approach the job market with confidence
Want an engaging conversation? Make sure to ask these two questions
Passion sells – How to engage and excite your listeners
Learn from one of the greatest U.S. speeches of the last 40 years
Always tell your audience how long you’ll be speaking for – and stick to it!
Q&A is not the time to make a speech
Here’s how to ‘own’ and occupy physical space when communicating
Ask this question after every senior exec meeting
Sunak’s statesmanlike performance in PM speech
How to confidently ask a senior exec for help
How to stop ending your speaking turn, with “Yeah”
Dropbox founder Drew Houston on what to do with feedback
Analysis of Optus CEO’s response to cyber attack
Eckhart Tolle’s secret for speaking without fear
Measured, believable speaking from Union Leader Alex Claassens
Why feedback is the essence of intelligence
How well do you sell your ideas?
Lessons on ‘How to Speak’ from luminary MIT Professor
How top leaders welcome feedback
7 ways to make an impact without speaking
Is your handshake letting you down?
Powerful body language techniques you can use immediately
Is visualisation undermining you achieving your goals?
Where fear gets its power
Why talent is overrated
Launching my Social Responsibility for seniors
Captivate your audience through charismatic speaking
Do you ask enough questions?
The danger of saying “I let my work speak for itself”
A simple way to handle a tedious conversation
Impactful quotations to improve how you communicate
Accenture CEO on how to package a message
How to kick-start your presentation
How accurate is your perception of yourself?
Anthony Albanese – How stumbling when you speak undermines your message
Stop Press! New ‘Behind the Voice’ YouTube channel launch
The key reason why Boris Johnson is still U.K. Prime Minister
Difficult conversations in the post-pandemic era
Anthony Albanese’s best speech to date
How sharp is your belief in yourself?
Give your audience a reason to listen
Medvedev’s self-destructive beliefs
My three, top tips for more productive hybrid meetings
Does your culture foster inquiry or punishment?
Are you just winging your presentations?
Leadership lessons from psychopaths
Every meeting is an opportunity for self-branding
Do you have a policy for hybrid meetings?
Performance contributes only 10% to career growth
Remembering Colin Powell
Ernest Hemingway on getting the words right
When should you schedule a face to face, versus a virtual meeting?
Leadership lessons from former Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer
When was the last time you reviewed your leadership principles?
When you open Q&A – never use this question
How counting your ‘ums’ & ‘ahs’ can make you a better speaker
Canadian PM Justin TRUDEAU on how to HANDLE a QUESTION
Stop DAYDREAMING & stay PRESENT with this tip
WHY your VIRTUAL communication STILL needs WORK
LEARN the art of APOLOGY from former UK PM, David CAMERON
Don’t CHOKE with this TIP from Ash BARTY’S Mindset Coach
Why you CHOKE & what to DO about it
WIN Your PITCH with this Tip from KOBE Bryant’s Coach
Why we’re still NOT listening to Anthony Albanese
LeBron James & Kobe Bryant’s Coach on Winning a Pitch
How Gen. Colin POWELL projects CERTAINTY when he communicates
5 top tips for PRESENTING to your BOARD
My simple process to AVOID being INTERRUPTED
How to communicate like DENIRO & PACINO
HOW does Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi PERFORM in an INTERVIEW?
HOW a DOCTOR’S, exam prep TIPS can HELP you
The DANGER of PREconceived NOTIONS
The POWER of it, CAN’T be OVER-estimated . . .
Do you HAVE a FEAR of being INTERRUPTED?
WHAT is Your BODY Language SAYING about YOU?
Do YOU Mistake ACTIVITY, for Action
Executives: Can YOU Be Compassionate and DEMANDING?
A simple, POWERFUL, daily DRILL to become ARTICULATE
HOW to INTRODUCE Yourself – the RIGHT Way
The BEST Communication – Right MESSAGE, Right TONE…RFK
KEYS to BRINGing out the BEST in YOURSELF and others
FOUR minutes = a FULL Day
BIDEN – impassioned, GENUINE & statesmanlike in victory SPEECH
DO you SQUANDER Your First HOUR?
Are YOU a GREAT Simplifier?
VIDEO: Communication TIPs when WEARING a face MASK
The DANGER of NO Face-to-FACE meetings
EVERY TIME you SPEAK, you’re AUDITIONING for leadership
Obama’s SPEECH at 2020 DNC, Deconstructed
HOW to REDUCE your ‘ums’ & ‘ahs’ WHEN you SPEAK
HOW to correctly SPEAK when WEARING a Face MASK
Are YOU demonstrating AMBIGUOUS leadership?
HOW to ‘SELL’ yourself and your MESSAGE – James SPADER
HOW to be MEMORABLE when everyone else is FORGETTABLE
HOW to DEAL with an AGGRESSIVE audience member – OBAMA masterclass
Job INTERVIEW? Do you KNOW how to NAIL the CRUCIAL first 7 minutes
Do you HAVE a PLAYBOOK for video office SET-UP and VIRTUAL communication?
HOW does Joe BIDEN come ACROSS in person? – first person EXPERIENCE
The ART of Communication through VIDEO conferencing – GEMS
How to STOP being perceived as SUBMISSIVE and START projecting YOURself with CONFIDENCE
GUIDE on WHEN to do FACE to Face versus VIDEO meetings, RE-visited
DOES your voice ATTRACT and keep ATTENTION?
DOES your BODY language PROJECT self-DOUBT in video meetings?
ARE you FACING up to DIGITAL communication?
WHY being ASSERTIVE in VIDEO meetings, PAYS-off
HOW to correctly STRUCTURE your spoken MESSAGES
Guide for WHEN to do FACE to Face vs VIDEO meetings
What’s the BEST facial EXPRESSION to ENTER with?
FIX your VIDEO conference ‘look’ – NOW
VIDEO conference communication MASTERY – 2 minute SERIES
Will the handshake SURVIVE?
GET more speaking IMPACT with this DRILL
How to MAKE your VOICE sound FRESH & NEW
LEADERSHIP tips from former TWITTER MD
REQUIRED reading for LEADERS – E. Shackleton’s LESSONS
PM Morrison’s STATESMANLIKE presentation
Be more ARTICULATE with this SPEAK under Pressure DRILL
KEY techniques for PRODUCTIVE video/tele CONFERENCES
WORDS of HOPE for a Panicked WORLD
5 PROVEN tips for PRESENTING to your BOARD
How to choose WORDS & SYNTAX for a POWERFUL Message
OWNING space – DON’T ‘GLUE’ your UPPER arms
DON’T walk away – LEADERSHIP communication when ATTACKED
Do you MAKE this MISTAKE in the BOARDROOM?
TIP for ‘NEW to Australia’, NON-English EXECUTIVES
What MATTERS is WHAT the ‘customer’ PERCEIVES’, pt.2
B. Hartzer – what matters is what the ‘customer’ perceives
ASK for HELP with this TESTED technique
Create QUESTIONS to enliven your CURIOUSITY
People can SEE your COMB-OVER
Why – “If ONLY I had SAID this” – is the WRONG strategy
DON’T Present LIKE Steve JOBS
GESTURE & SPEAK like you OWN the room – MASTERclass
What MAKES for a TOP executive COMMUNICATOR
STOP Press: NEW Video – PLAN and DELIVER memorable presentations
You’re JUDGED on the QUALITY of your QUESTIONS
GENERAL C. Powell’s BEST under-PRESSURE techniques
The DANGER of unloving CRITICS and uncritical LOVERS
LEARN from the IDEAL Orator – CICERO
M. Obama’s ORATORY revisited – Enthusiasm ‘SELLS’
‘MIRACLE on the Hudson’ SULLY’S daily deposit LESSON
TIP-of-the-TONGUE & how to HANDLE it
T. Friedman of NYT shows HOW to ‘OWN’ SPACE
FLAT, uninspiring, stilted FIRST SPEECH – A. Albanese
RUSHING is junior – ‘OWNING’ time … is senior
D. TRUMP & H. CLINTON debate analysis RE-VISITED
PM Morrison WINS first election DEBATE
U.S. President FDR on how to SIMPLIFY a MESSAGE
“I DON’T Understand your key message”
PM S. Morrison LOSING his COOL
DIGNITY – J. Gillard’s concession speech RE-VISITED
How NOT to be INTERRUPTED at LT & Board presentations
Why Obama LOOKED like a leader – and G.W. Bush didn’t
What EVERYBODY ought to know about their speaking voice
Ken Henry’s 7:30 ABC interview body language, deconstructed
“So, do you need to erase . . . ‘So’?”
Gold standard in short-form TV reporting / A. Kohler
Strategy ideas for your ‘End of year’ presentation
Month of the Orator, Part Two – learn from the best
How to introduce yourself
Keep attention – with an ‘unpredictable wind’ voice
Understannding your voice and how’s its produced & perceived
Fidel Castro’s example of powerful speaking
A practical technique to disrupt your day dreaming
Use the 9 points to improve your note-taking
A pracical example of how to say 3 points instead of 17
A short ‘how-to’ video on how to listen and speak under pressure
How your personal energy your project minimises mistakes
Your voice – it takes more effort than you think
A surprising factor of a highly rated personality
The greatest ways to build trust I’ve ever read
Specific ways to confidently close a 1:1 meeting
My best technique to not day dream
Word by word script to handle chance ecounters with senior execs
Avoid these ‘Suit speak’ phrases
A time efficient method for practicing your presentation
Why energy is 70% of any job
Presenting on camera like a pro
How to pitch a meeting to a senior exec
A simple greeting technique for networking events
Is there a code for Being Heard?
How well do you pitch yourself and your ideas
Here’s the routine for confident reception desk interactions
Here a step by step technique to speak like Barack Obama
A field technique on how to ask for help
Mind if I listen in? 20 Nov.
Gen X Y Millennials gravitas technique
A simple technique to have more presence
A technique to make yourself heard at networking functions
Why ‘if only I had said this’ is the wrong strategy
How to respond under pressure – practical options
A question your can use to make someone think
How to make a confident, physical first impression
Strategies to remain calm under pressure
Ideas to better understand and use your voice
A definition of ‘Suit speak’ and how to avoid it
How to cultivate and project gravitas
How Obama’s calmness inspired trust
This techniques make Michelle Obama stand out as a speaker
How to use your voice to help your remember
A proven weekly meeting strategy to engage your direct reports
An example where speaking short sentences paid off
What not to do when you speak – a lesson from Bob Carr
Networking techniques ‘how to’
Learn why the best presenter’s don’t need ‘props’
How do you tell a person? (they need help)
How to give ‘bad news’
How to give feedback – proven ways
A concise definition of what the best leaders do
Learn the characteristics of an emphatic voice tone
How to give your audience a controlled stretch break
Here’s an idea that is a critical first step in your voice development
The power of ‘less is more’ explained
How being bold effects you and your audience
Why carrying yourself with dignity is important
How to respond to questions in meetings
Top communicators master these 10 types of interactions
Strategies by mining your life to hook an audience to listn
How to gauge if you’re influential in your organisation
The power of Intentional Daily Practice explained
How to build you skill with repeated attempts
How to understand what your audience can perceive about you
Maximising senior executive, chance encounters
Learn from this powerful metphor for taking the lead
An explanation of the power of every impression you leave
What to say in your voice mail greeting
These are my speaking tips for Paul Howes and Clive Palmer
A great example of energy you can learn from
An opera singer’s voice technique opera that you can use
Obama’s speaking technique
Why your voice sounds different on tape
A surprising technique from a jazz pianist to make you’re better speaker
How to leave a voice mail message
What makes for a great radio voice
Learn from these essential speaking techniques of Barack Obama

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